Blue Cimbal

Over a Blue Cimbal Roman Veverka sings ballads and hits of popular music, which penetrated deeply into the hearts of listeners all around the world. Typical music creation of Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2, Leonard Cohen, Elton John, Sting, Queen and others sounds brand new. From the Czech then especially the creation of 60´s -70´s years and of course many musical hits of folk songs.

Blue Cimbal is introduced as a unique solo accompanying instrument, whose sound, in connection with the urgency of the voice, causes intense inner touch. It excels especially in ballads. The way of playing can be compared to playing the piano, but the unmistakable sound of the dulcimer is far more open, ringing and the full of overtone spectrum of chords.

For the romantic and entertaining evenings he is often invited as a concert artist with his solo performance. As a guest he participates in various festivals, social events, etc. Even Yoko Ono was one of those who personally congratulated him in Vienna.

Blue Cimbal in the pop-rock band has replaced the guitar and in a completely new unique sound it resounds a large number of folk songs and world hits.

Singer and dulcimer Roman Veverka struck effects dyed Blue Cimbal into a pulsating rhythm of bass and drums. Thanks to this effect the audience is influenced by both a charming atmosphere of Moravian and Slovakian folk songs in distinctive modern adjustments and restless spirit of modern author´s achievements of U2, Pink Floyd, Sting, Beatles, Coldplay and many others.

An impressive vocal style of play and interplay are proof of their deep musical passion. They have ability to respond to the wishes of the audience and to improvise easily and with joy. Therefore they are unprecedentedly successful for their soulful forcefulness and communication.

Roman Veverka (1975)

Singer and dulcimer player, author of music, songs and arrangements. In his interpretation he brings a distinctive combination of human voice and a dulcimer. His vocal expression along with a specific way of the game with a new way of the dulcimer´s sound capturing reveals many other possibilities of this magical musical instrument in a symbiosis with singing.

He started to play the dulcimer after his studies of playing the trombone at the Brno Conservatory and musicology at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. Since his childhood he absorbed a very wide variety of music, which naturally led him to try to get to know a variety of musical instruments, from piano, guitar to the dulcimer. He played and sang in many choirs. Later he founded and led some of them. He wrote and arranged the music for them, which helped him improve his compositional and arranging skills.

Today, in addition to his own work, he works hard to reveal and interpret universal beauty of music and songs from many different sources, from folk songs through historical music to the world hits of famous interpreters of popular music, such as U2, Sting, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Elton John and others.

His wide repertoire and an effort to capture the deepest essence of each song is represented both in his solo performances and in non-traditional instrumental formations and connections (see musical projects). His Blue dulcimer already delighted audiences at concerts, festivals, celebrations, weddings, openings and other events in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Poland and Hungary.

Roman Veverka