Bára Basiková & Blue Cimbal

Bára Basiková
& Blue Cimbal

Bára Basiková, one of the most famous and original Czech singers, conected her outstanding voice with a pop-rock band where electrificated Blue cimbal replaced guitars. Collaboration brings well-known songs not only from the singing repertoire in a completely unique sound. Her own hits alternates the folk songs that Bára gives in a non-traditional arrangement to a new, distinctive dimension as well as the well-known world hits U2, Queen, Beatles and the others. They develop and point to unexpected positions and versions full of musical experiments and surprises. Concert performances by Bára Basiková and Blue Cimbal is an example of a singer of a great interpretation range and inner connections with aliquots of the cimbalom in the unconventional electrified sound and pop-rock band context.

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