1st electro-cimbal
in banquet of songs

Singer and cimbalist Roman Veverka presents electro-cimbal, new kind of traditional folk instrument, in a wide variety of songs of pop-rock stars as U2, Sting, Pink Floyd etc. and in modern versions of folk songs as well as historical and songs of his own.
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Blue Romantic Cimbal (2019)

7 world famous ballads for voice & cimbal

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BLUE HOT Chilli CIMBAL (2018)

12 world famous hits
with electric cimbal in pop-rock band

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MediCimbal (2013)

remastered 2019

Folk songs from Moravia and Slovakia
and a couple of pop-rock hits

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4. 12. 18:30 s pop-rock kapelou Hranice Vánoční trhy, Masarykovo nám.
22. 12. 18:00 s pop-rock kapelou Předklášteří Vánoční koncert, sál O.Ú.

Music Projects

Blue Romantic Cimbal

Voice & Cimbal

Over a Blue Cimbal Roman Veverka sings ballads and hits of popular music, which penetrated deeply into the hearts of listeners all around the world. Typical music creation of Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2, Leonard Cohen, Elton John, Sting, Queen and others sounds brand new. From the Czech then especially the creation of 60´s -70´s years and of course many musical hits of folk songs. Blue Cimbal is introduced as a unique solo accompanying instrument, whose sound, in connection with the urgency of the voice, causes intense inner touch. It excels especially in ballads. The way of playing can be compared to playing the piano, but the unmistakable sound of the dulcimer is far more open, ringing and the full of overtone spectrum of chords enhanced by impressive electronic effects. For the romantic and entertaining evenings he is often invited as a concert artist with his solo performance. As a guest he participates in various festivals, social events, etc. Even Yoko Ono was one of those who personally congratulated him in Vienna.

Blue Cimbal

1st electro-cimbal in pop-rock

Electro-Cimbal in pop-rock band has replaced the guitar and in a completely new unique sound it resounds a large number of famous world hits of U2, Sting, Pink Floyd etc as well as historical and folk songs and also songs of their own. Singer and cimbalist Roman Veverka struck effects dyed cimbal into a pulsating rhythm of bass and drums.
The audience suddenly feels the restless spirit of recent times – as mentioned U2, Pink Floyd, Sting and Queen, Coldplay and many others – and a magic breath of the unique atmosphere of Moravian and Slovak folk songs as well as historical and some songs in original, modern arrangements. Effective vocals, the whole way of playing and the rare harmony, the mutual listening – all this proves the musical enthusiasm of all contributors. Respond to the wishes of the audience and improvise – a pure, untroubled, most natural joy.

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Bára Basiková & Blue Cimbal

Bára Basiková
& Blue Cimbal

Bára Basiková, one of the most famous and original Czech singers, conected her outstanding voice with a pop-rock band where electrificated Blue cimbal replaced guitars. Collaboration brings well-known songs not only from the singing repertoire in a completely unique sound. Her own hits alternates the folk songs that Bára gives in a non-traditional arrangement to a new, distinctive dimension as well as the well-known world hits U2, Queen, Beatles and the others. They develop and point to unexpected positions and versions full of musical experiments and surprises. Concert performances by Bára Basiková and Blue Cimbal is an example of a singer of a great interpretation range and inner connections with aliquots of the cimbalom in the unconventional electrified sound and pop-rock band context.

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Blue Cimbal

Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones) YouTube

Blue Cimbal

Ultraviolet (U2) YouTube

Blue Cimbal

Friday I´m In Love (The Cure) YouTube

Blue Cimbal

One (U2) YouTube

Blue Cimbal

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) YouTube

Blue Cimbal

Different Corner (George Michael) YouTube