Blue Cimbal

1st electro-cimbal in pop-rock

Electro-Cimbal in pop-rock band has replaced the guitar and in a completely new unique sound it resounds a large number of famous world hits of U2, Sting, Pink Floyd etc as well as historical and folk songs and also songs of their own. Singer and cimbalist Roman Veverka struck effects dyed cimbal into a pulsating rhythm of bass and drums.
The audience suddenly feels the restless spirit of recent times – as mentioned U2, Pink Floyd, Sting and Queen, Coldplay and many others – and a magic breath of the unique atmosphere of Moravian and Slovak folk songs as well as historical and some songs in original, modern arrangements. Effective vocals, the whole way of playing and the rare harmony, the mutual listening – all this proves the musical enthusiasm of all contributors. Respond to the wishes of the audience and improvise – a pure, untroubled, most natural joy.

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